Hello world!

Welcome to the inaugural post for The Blue Bird Writes.  My name is Lisa and I have been writing privately for years.  But now I have the courage to share those words with others, with you.  Now is the time. Now. Yes, now. I am still trying to ease the fear and nervousness I have of sharing my thoughts with others in a public forum.  It takes spunk and sometimes it takes throwing caution to the wind.  Today, I am throwing caution to the wind.

This Blog comes from a catalyst that was initiated by a major life event that happened to me on January 22, 2013.  During the past two and half years, I have tried with extreme diligence to understand why things are the way they are.  I have laughed, cried, gotten mad, been grateful, hopeful, encouraged, afraid, courageous, strong,  serene and I have written, sometimes for hours, just to validate all that is.

Putting pen to paper was cathartic for me on so many levels.  I learned to be still and listen…listen to the whispers of my soul.  Those whispers said to write and write I did.   This blog is to share those writings for my own soul journey and its continued growth.  It is that simple, I need to grow.

With gratitude,


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