Foggy Days

      This morning when I looked out my living room window there was dense fog all around.  I did not think much of it until later this afternoon as the vibrant sun came out and all of the fog had dissipated.  I realized life is similar to foggy days.  We wake up each day and sometimes have to navigate the obstacles before us…….not too sure how many steps to take because we cannot see the end of the road.  Ah, but that is when faith comes in.  I have to have faith that even though I do not see a block away I know that the street with still be there.  How similar to my life.  I have to take steps in the direction of the most dense and blinding haze of fog aka life’s obstacles.  Sometimes these obstacles are merely managing my daily, hectic schedule, sometimes it is managing a loss, or an illness or a change in the direction of my life .  But, here it is so simply stated, if I have faith and patience, the sun will eventually come out and all will be clear. 

This afternoon, I have seen the brightness and clarity of the sun glistening on the trees’ leaves, nurturing my plants, feeding my soul and teaching me another lesson of life.  Have faith….. the fog will lift.

With gratitude, Lisa


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