Asking for permission….I feel that as I embark on this long anticipated journey of writing in a public forum, that I need to ask for permission to do so.  But, as I thought about this more, I wondered who am I going to ask.  Surely, there is no need, intellectually speaking. However, I further thought about it and I realized that, emotionally speaking, I needed to ask the part of me that is afraid to share my words with others.  These are my innermost thoughts that become a concrete extension of me. It is becoming openly vulnerable. The usual fear of what will other people think of my writing or worse, yet, what will they think of me are the initial thoughts.  I know that I need to quell the fears.  Even at this point in my life it takes some effort.  I cannot deny it’s existence because that is what makes me human. But, it is how I manage this part that will determine our harmonious coexistence.

So I gently ask this frightened part of me to come for the ride because she may be afraid, but she knows that this is the direction I must take.  You never know what may come of it.

With gratitude,


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