Living Vicariously

Summer is almost here, while it is not June 21, summer vacation has begun for my children.  Their last day of school was a few days ago  We had a countdown for the last week  of school.  As the days dwindled down, the excitement was contagious.  I could not help myself, but feel equally excited and reminiscent about my own childhood.  I began to remember how summer vacation seemed like an eternity and it was filled with the promise of fun things.

In my previous post, I spoke about looking for Joy and I realized I needed to be a active participant in the joy seeking process.  Little do my kids know that they gave me a avenue in which to see the joy and excitement of the moment of the last day of school.  My oldest daughter even mentioned that she was surprised I was so excited about summer break.  And I am.

I hope that a more casual schedule will present opportunities of wonder, inspiration, creativity and most importantly memories to be cherished.

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