Teaching Kindness

        As a parent we are given opportunities to teach our children lessons of life that will, I hope, complement who they are meant to be as individuals.  This past Sunday, my youngest daughter and I went to visit a nun who she had befriended during a Girl Scout outing this past Christmas.   We visit Sr. Nadine as often as we can.  All of us enjoy each other’s company so much.  I know my daughter and I receive so much during this time.  

        For our visit yesterday, we brought Sr. Nadine flowers from my garden.  It was a simple gesture but filled with authentic and genuine intention of being kind to someone.  It is so true that in giving we receive and I am grateful that Abbey and I were able to experience this together. 

        I also realized that it does not have to be grand gestures of displayed kindness, but rather the small ones that say I care and I am thinking of you.  That was my lesson as a parent this past Sunday.  

With gratitude,



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