Open to Receive 

        Life is definitely interesting.  I have had my fair share of “really” interesting experiences more so than I thought I ever would and honestly I do not know how I ever managed to get through them. I know I am not the only person to have these experiences because that is what life is.   I know I am a strong person (learned the hard way) and I have a great husband who has weathered the storms with me.  But, still I wonder sometimes, “what the heck”?

        As a result of all of these interesting experiences, some of which I never thought I would ever overcome, I had to find and trust my authentic self.   I needed to rely on my authentic self to make serious decisions that would permanently impact my life. 

        The journey to my authentic self really came to a head in 2013 because of health issues.  I felt like the universe said you have to stop and take notice.  

        My authentic self expedition continues to this day and I am amazed how much I continue to learn about myself.   One thing for sure is that I have come to learn how to feel comfortable with my authentic self. When I allow myself to just be it feels so right.  Navigating this “new /uncovered ” me has been challenging.      My personality type is one that likes to be on top of things others may say I am a control freak (but, that sounds so harsh though).  Needless to say it has served me well until I realized that I have no control.   I am learning and practicing that I cannot be in control.  And I can’t be in control if I am to receive the gifts of life.    Because there are gifts in all of my interesting experiences.     

With Gratitude,



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