The Little Moments

        Something that I have tried to really embrace is the concept of being in the moment.   To take it all in.  After having a health scare I felt like I needed to be fully aware and not take any moment for granted.   Like when I hear my daughters laugh over a silly thing, seeing my husband’s eyes sparkle when I look at him, an unexpected hug from one of my daughters, a rainbow in the morning or a ladybug in my garden.  These are just a few of the hundreds of moments I have experienced.  They are the moments that I know that God gives me a wink and says everything is all good Lisa.  

        I have come to expect these little moments.  They have come to mean so much to me on so many levels.   They are the reassurances that I needed and continue to need.  Even when things are really not the best, but you will have a little moment that gives you the hope that it will be okay.  

With gratitude,



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