I find that I love language and the use of words to express my deepest thoughts.  The words transform whom I  am for others to see.   I consume books and I am enamoured by choice of words. I contemplate how can I uniquely construct a combination of language that is me and shares that part of me.  It similar to infinite posibilities that an artist can create with their pallet of colors.  

        Words help me express my conviction of a subject matter.  They give me Inspiration and provoke curiosity.  Words comfort me and guide me when I seek knowledge.  They allow me to go deep within and when I am done ruminating just the right words come out. 

        When I write, I have to get the idea out as quickly as possible from fear it will escape me never to appear again.  The words allow me to capture the idea.  Then I can mull over it and see how I can further develop the concept.  I enjoy the process of word selection, It is combing through the antique shop finding just the right hidden gem or turning a corner to only be presented with a beautiful yet unexpected sight.  Then you know it is the right word for you. 

         Words invoke so much for me.  I know in my heart that I am to do this.   I am to allow my soul to expand itself with the precise words.  

With gratitude,


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