Oh, I Should Do That!

  I have had a tendency to go through life saying “Oh, I should do that!!!”  Whether it is hiking a mountain on the pacific coast trail, going on a European cruise, visiting the Taj Mahal, run a marathon  or just simply doing something out of my ordinary routine.   I keep a list of these potential experiences.  Creating the list is as good as completing the experiences, right????.  The “Oh, I should do that” list sometimes haunts me similar to the new “FOMO” trend aka fear of missing out. These things simply stay on my list and I wonder how it would feel to check off an item on my list.

        About a month ago I made the decision that one of my “oh, I should do that” items would become an  “I am doing that” item.

        Last night I can say I did that!!!!!!

        What is it??????

        I love how music lends itself to transending my level of creativity.  One of my favorite groups is The Piano Guys.  As you can tell it is on my blog page.

         Yesterday evening  I had the pleasure of seeing The Piano Guys live at Ravinia Festival, an outdoor concert venue.  It was magical being there outside on a beautiful evening listening to The Piano Guys live with one of my favorite people ever, my husband, celebrating my birthday week.

        Oh I am so glad I was there.  I am relishing in the joy I feel and the joy I created for myself by making the decision to do that.

        So stop and make your “Oh, I should have done that to I have done that!” And…….it was an exhilarating experience of joy!!!! My “Oh, I should have done that,” became I did that yesterday evening.

With so much gratitude this morning,


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