‘Tis the Season

I have been working on my writing and have been reading tremendously .  Hence,  I have not been sharing on my blog.  Not that I did not want to, I have been itching to blog.  I just felt that I was not ready to do so.  Each day, I would make a valiant effort, but to no avail I just did not put my fingers to the keyboard.

Today, however, the fingers hit the keyboard.  I am longing for a huge snowstorm to catapult the Christmas season into overdrive (yes, I am a snow lover), unfortunately, El Nino has something else planned this year.  I am waiting for my hydrangeas to start exhibiting little buds.  I would not be too surprised if that happened by next week.

In year’s past, the month of December tends to be incredibly hectic for me. I know I am not the only human that feels this way.   Usually, I succumb to all of the traditional aspects of the holiday season; shopping, running to the grocery store every day for the week leading up to Christmas, wrapping presents until midnight a few nights in a row, feeling guilty about not sending our more Christmas cards, not buying enough presents or decorating the house enough.

I love Christmas and I have decided to take stock of all of the “to do” lists and chores and reevaluated them.  In particular, how do these tasks enhance my holiday season?  Some do and more of them don’t.

For instance, not all of the decorations are out and hung.  To the contrary, my tree has a very limited number of ornaments and I actually really like it a lot.  My oldest daughter kept asking “Mom, when are we decorating the tree?” and I said “It is decorated, we are trying to celebrate a simple Christmas.”  On that note, I applied the simple Christmas mentality to this holiday season.

I know the holidays are what you make of them, just like everything else in life.  I can either fall into step with the madness or pause and simply celebrate the joyfulness of the season.  I have chosen the latter, because it works for me. I want to cherish these moments and, most importantly, be present for them.  That is what I strive for in all areas in my  life.  Christmas invites us to have quiet time for reflection of the past year and to consider the endless possibilities that each new year brings.

  I wish that you will all experience Christmas in your own joyful way.  It will be a simple Christmas for me.   ‘Tis the Season.

With gratitude,





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