Who’s the Driver?

        Early this morning I decided it was time to post to the Blue Bird Writes after a little hiatus.  It could not possibly be that my last post was in March, could it?  Well, yes it was.  How can I ever jump back in?  My inner critic has given me so many reasons why not to publish another blog ever again.  Who wants to read my blog, it’s been so long, why bother and, perhaps the best, how can you consider yourself a writer after this?  

        As I compassionately listen to that inner critic and give her enough time on the stage of my mind to feel valued, I lovingly and softly tell her that some people may want to read my blog and if it is even one person, then I have an audience.  I continue to tell her that blogging is a new aspect of my writing that I am getting comfortable with and it may take me longer than the usual blogger and I am okay with that.  That’s how I will grow at my own pace. And, YES, I do consider myself a writer.  It is a passion of mine, I just feel truly myself when I write. It is who I am and what makes Lisa, Lisa.  

        I am grateful that I am able to not pass judgement on myself.  But, it is the process that I work through every time I listen to the inner critic.  I allow her to take the stage, state her opinion and thank her for her thoughts.  Like Elizabeth Gilbert mentioned in her book, Big Magic, you can let the fear and judgement sit in your car, but you can’t let them drive the car.  My inner critic is just the passenger in my car, I am the driver.  And……I have made another blog post.  
With gratitude,


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