The past few mornings when I have woken up I have felt a tug to get more disciplined with my writing.   As busy as I am, I thought I will start again when my schedule allows it. Which only means that I have to restart the process again.  

        However, this morning the writer in me was not having it.  Nope, not at all.  I even tried to ignore that voice that said “enough already with the excuses, you must walk the walk. ” It’s not that I do not want to write, it’s just that I allow the “other” things in life to take a precedence leaving minimal or no time at all for my true passion.  

         So I have decided to recommit to myself and to my true passion by bestowing the honor and respect they each deserve.  I know that by doing this I am fulfilling my life’s purpose.  

          This recommitment today came in the form of a trip to a wonderful coffee shop that allowed me the time to gather my thoughts and prepare this blog.  It is during this time that clarity presided and a knowing that I have come too far to put this on the shelf for later.   I have to do it now and nurture this creative side that is just bursting at the seams and wants to be expressed.  

With gratitude,


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