Just Post!

        During my morning meditation today, I asked God to guide me to my higher purpose.  And of course writing came up again! I know that I deny this urge quite often.  I have sporadic moments of extreme intensity which is based on complete fearlessness and allowing my true self to express herself.  But, then I allow the aspects of everyday life tell me I need to shelve this aspect of my life for now.  

        Today’s insight was rather strong that you don’t need to write the book yet.   Just use the blog as your form of communication.  Similiar to the notion that you can walk before you can run the marathon.  

        I do want to be consistent in how often I share my writings and post on this blog, but I hold myself back for countless reasons.  There are so many it just depends upon when you ask me.  

        Today was different, it was clear.  Just post! So posting I am.  If nothing more then to just abide by the message I received this morning.  I can’t ignore it.  

        So now that I have posted I feel Whole.  You know that feeling of connectedness to our true self that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  Why do we deny ourselves this simple pleasure of existence?  

         I now ask  that you also seek how can you be connected to your true self today? Even for a moment.  Because once the flame begins and it is nourished with the divine, it has no choice but to glow more brightly then we could ever imagine.  

With gratitude,


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