Focus on You!

   I was reminded this morning that I needed to focus on myself and my personal priorities.  Even if it is just for 30 minutes a day.  Writing is a priority of mine and I have not rightly given this spiritual aspect of myself the devotion or time that it needs to fulfill me.  In part, I tend to focus so much on others and other parts on my life.

Recently, I made the commitment to myself to begin to truly pay attention to taking care of Lisa and what her needs are and what brings her the most joy.  Self care will not mean that the world around you will crumble.  On the contrary, I have found that in fact my world actually benefited tremendously from the practice of self care.

Part of my self care practice is to experience life joyfully instead of the usual “here’s another unfulfilling day that’s just waiting for me”.   I had to stop that because it was setting the stage for guess what?  Another unfulfilling day. Go figure.

So I began to realign myself with my priorities.  You know, the things that you like to do and that keep you motivated.  In doing so, I was more mellow, relaxed and more open to my life.  It also led me to “go with the flow” more often and not be so crabby all the time.    I kind of liked not being crabby all the time and liked myself a little bit more.

  Enlightened I became, yet again.  That led me to thinking that our lives are continually evolving and we are continually aligning with our soul and our current circumstances.  If we can practice that alignment and stay true to our priorities then life is pretty darn good.  Yes, I have had my fair share of the muck life throws at you as we all have.  But, I had this habit of waiting for the next time life decides to muck things up and not focus on my priorities.  Now you know why I was so crabby all the time and why I had to change things for myself.

I know that I have been feeling my life change and I am not too sure how much or what else will change, but this is a great first step.  This does take work, but I like this kind of work because, in all reality, if you love what you do it is not work.

I hope what I write can add some small nugget of joy, inspiration or the feeling of “been there, done that.”  Thank you for reading and allowing me to practice my self care in your presence.

With gratitude,


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