Christmas Chronicles {Day 1}

        Since I have come up with the idea of my Christmas Chronicles, I have been getting pretty excited of how these blog posts will evolve, but even more exciting how this practice will allow me to evolve as a person.  

        Tonight, as I was thinking about my day, I was trying to find the moments of simplicity and contentment and then I remembered. In early November, I was thinking how great it would be to have all of my Christmas shopping done by December 1.  This would be a great gift to myself, so that I would be able to enjoy the entire month of December celebrating Christmas versus bemoaning every aspect of the season. I am very proud to say that, with the exception of 2 gift card purchases, I am done with my Christmas shopping.  Now this is not to brag.  On the contrary, in years past I have been the one still shopping on December 23 and wishing I had more time. I knew that I wanted to bring back the spirit of Christmas for myself and my family.  This year, that simple little thought became my reality.  I am so grateful for this action step of took.  I realized that this task had been accomplished as I was reviewing my Christmas to do list tonight.   

        So maybe, just maybe, we can find one  thing that will allow us to bring about simplicity and contentment this Christmas time.  I am so grateful I took the time for this practice and will most definitely enjoy the gift of this practice.  

Many Christmas Blessings,


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