Christmas Chronicles {Day 2}

Today I had a great morning of making time to walk a trail in the woods with a childhood friend.  My husband and I have been walking this trail for the past year.  I never want to leave and I find that my time on the trail gets longer and longer.  There is a sense of peace and tranquility being out in nature.  The breaths are deeper, the strides are longer and my thoughts are so clear.  I am so grounded on the trail.  I am so happy to share these experiences with another.

I was so grateful to spend the time with my friend and in nature.  I have reaped the beneficial after effects of the walk all day which is even more important after the holiday hustle and bustle is in high gear and the weather in the Midwest in cooperating.

My few quiet moments today have included reflection of creating a daily practice of simplicity and its importance.  Just like any positive and authentic habit of life,  I am realizing how important it is to feed this practice daily.  In addition, my practice of writing on my blog daily is also developing. A challenge practice, but and enjoyable one none the less.  So very grateful for this.  Until tomorrow.

Many Christmas Blessings,


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