Christmas Chronicles {Day 3}

        It’s hard balancing the Christmas season and everyday life.  Tomorrow, I have my annual breast surgeon appointment.  Actually, it’s a new surgeon because the original doctor retired this past June. It is the holiday season and I have to manage my memories of having had cancer and the perpetual fears that such a  diagnosis can sometimes have on a person.  As time passes,  the fears of a return diagnosis lessens in frequency, but the strength of them are still the same.  

        I am beyond grateful that I am where I am, however, those fears are still strong. Here in lies the predicament of managing those feelings and being cheerful.  Many people are going through the thick of life now.  How do they manage the holidays? 

        I can only speak for myself and I can see I have had hardships during the holidays and the one aspect that keeps me going is hope.  Hope that I will get to the other side of whatever life has served up for me.  Today, it is the feelings related to  my doctor’s appointment.  I am trying to change my perspective that this is a follow up and today I am all good.  

        I am just trying to navigate life and my journey of self discovery and I feel that by sharing these moments, it helps me become a better me.  

Many Christmas Blessings,


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