Christmas Chronicles {Day 4}

        Bravery sometimes does not seem to be my fortey.  I had my appointment yesterday with my surgeon.  The appointments surrounding my past cancer diagnosis brings up so many intense emotions. And it is just hard for me.  I gave myself the time afterwards to have a good cry which was based on the relief that it was over, but also trying to figure out how this is my story.  

        As I turned the ignition on my car, the Christmas songs started up.  Ugh, how I am supposed to be cheery now when all I want to do is go home and crawl into bed.  But, I can’t.  The kids need to be picked up from school, homework started, dinner on the table and a few more client emails to be sent.  

        Yes, it is a balance between life and all of its, sometimes, harsh realities and those simple pleasures like the holidays.   I have by no means mastered this balance, nor do I think I ever will.  But that is one of my goals while I am on this journey.  Yesterday,  was just a little hard.  Yet, at the end of the night, the cup of hot tea and the soft Christmas tree lights made the day a little better.  
Many Christmas Blessings,



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