Christmas Chronicles {Day 5}

        Wow, yesterday, was pretty draining for me and I am so glad another day is upon me.  I don’t know how much compassion we show to ourselves or how much self care we practice.  But, that is exactly what I needed to do yesterday and today.  I took my time with mindfulness and no self judgement with getting everything done that I needed.  I was still slowly recovering for all of yesterday’s emotions and just wanted to give myself as much self love as one could give.  

        How we approach the setbacks in our days is critically important.  I have always felt you have to go through whatever it is your are dealing with. Even if it’s hard and draining. But, for me, I find that it has to be done with non judgement, self compassion mindfulness, self love, meditation and with some silence.  The landing is a little softer for me with these attributes.  

        Today was a day of gentleness and easing myself back into the Christmas season because there is much to be grateful.  

Many Christmas Blessings,


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