Christmas Chronicles {Day 12}

The holiday season can bring added stress and anxiety to people from all of the additional events, the shopping, the baking, perhaps the flu and even the financial impact to make the season bright. I have realized those same anxieties over the years.

This Christmas season I definitely have scaled back all of the above and tried to make this year as enjoyable as I possibly can. I feel that I have been pretty successful. It was my intention to share a heavy dose of kindness every where I have been. It was this action that reduced the stress and anxiety on the many faces I saw and I had compassion for them.

The most touching complement I received was from the husband of a woman at my local Panera. The woman had to use a walker and was making an attempt to also carry her coffee. I offered to carry her coffee to her table. She politely declined and said she was used to it and thanked me. Her husband then said he hopes that Santa will be good to me. And my reply was “I am not sure about that”. He said, ” Oh, yes, he will be because you are a very kind person.” That touched my heart so deeply. To be viewed in this light by a total stranger. That was a gift in and of itself. Santa comes in many forms and that is a wonderful Christmas Blessing.

Christmas Blessings,


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