Christmas Chronicles {Day 14}

Moments. I have learned and now look for simple moments that bring me joy. I try to capture them in a journal or photo. Do others do this? I hope so. I find that these moments carry me throughout my day.

It’s not the big things that I need to fulfill me. Maybe my younger self needed them, but now I am so grateful that I no longer need them.

The other morning when I was dropping off my older daughter, Grace, at school, she said to me “Have a great day!” She had a huge smile on her face when she said it. It was just that moment that touched my heart and carried me through the entire day with joy and happiness. Later that day, I thanked her and acknowledged how that made me feel. It was such a simple gesture and in the hustle and bustle of the morning, goodbyes sometimes can be rushed. But, we had time for the exchange and I am so grateful for it.

Many Christmas Blessings,


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