Christmas Chronicles {Day 15}

This Christmas season, I am pondering what Christmas truly means for me. I have taken a step back and looked at how Christmas is celebrated now and the traditions that I have grown up with. It can also be challenging to see the endless commercials of “must haves” this Christmas including the brand new luxury vehicle in the driveway. Do people feel lured by the marketing techniques of the companies trying to sell the products.

I have intentionally turned the tv off more so then usual because that is not what Christmas is for me. But, what is Christmas for you? Is it a tradition of hot cocoa and playing a board game. Or a cookie exchange with family and friends or is it a setting aside time to attend a Christmas concert or play.

At this stage of my life I prefer simplicity to extravagance. It feels so right and I am grateful that I can acknowledge that and live in a simple way.

Many Christmas Blessings,


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