Christmas Chronicles {Day 16}

Do you have any Christmas Traditions that are a must! Growing up in a Polish home we celebrated Christmas Eve also known as Wigilia (Vee-gee-leah). Wigilia included a meatless dinner with traditional dishes and sharing of bread or polish wafers called oplatek where we wish everyone a blessed Christmas and good fortune in the new year. Dinner would usually begin at the sighting of the first star around 5pm and an additional place setting would be set for an unexpected visitor, a sign of hospitality and welcome. My mom was from Poland and she cherished Christmas and tried to make Wigilia as special as she possibly could.

My own family still celebrates Wigilia with a few new traditions. Which makes Christmas that more special because we have infused our own touch to the base of this tradition. We have not forgotten our family, their history and traditions, but we forge ahead with new traditions, celebrations and joy.

Many Christmas Blessings,


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