Christmas Chronicles {Day 24}

  It Snowed!!!!!!! and it is still snowing.  I received my Christmas wish.  Oh, I am so elated, happy and joyful.  The snow is so beautiful, especially freshly fallen snow.  How lucky am I to be able to have this wish realized.

 As I was preparing for this blog,  I received a call from a cousin who I have not spoken to for quite some time.  It was truly a great call to receive.  We were able to catch up and are planning on getting together in the spring.  She said that even though we haven’t talked for some while we have always thought of you.  It just made this day even better.

I am so completely grateful, more than one can know, my husband and daughters have their health, we have a home, warmth, food, togetherness and love and what more can a person ask for.  I am truly grateful for all of my many Christmas blessings.

With Gratitude,


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