Haven’t written a blog post in what seems like eternity. I was in my own way. Fear is pretty much my copilot at times. Fear seems to have over extended its visit. Today, I am allowing myself just to be and to get centered. In the centering process, I picked up my phone to write this impromptu blog post and the time said 4:44. I believe it was a sign to push forward, type and publish.

I know there are some writers who have set schedules of posting blogs and I honor that, but I could never seem to get on a schedule to do so. One day perhaps. I just seem to have to be willing to spontaneously write in order to post. But, the danger in that way of thinking is that I then never follow through. Urg, see, I get in my own way.

I have been inspired to have my voice be heard even if only 3 family members read my blog (hoping for more) I thank you for letting me share my voice.

Currently, I am experiencing a lot of transitions all good just learning to navigate this time. I am learning new things about myself and identifying new opportunities to allow my authentic self to flourish and to explore.

I thank you, as always, for letting me share a bit of myself with you and knowing that today at 4:44 was the time to share.

With gratitude,


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