An important day

Seven years ago today, I had a double mastectomy. Today is a day in the future that I was determined to get to when I was diagnosed in 2013.

The reality of my cancerversary came this afternoon as I was going about my day of getting things done. I stopped for a break and a cup of coffee. And just like that the realization of the day came upon me and the tears just poured out of me. A hardy cry that was one of gratitude to God for all that I have been able to partake in since my diagnosis. The most important is to be with my husband and daughters. The tears don’t stop knowing I have the gift of yet another day.

All of the material possessions or gems of the world is of little value in order to get to live another day after cancer. But unless you have had cancer or the experience of getting to know your mortality you may not know the true feeling of another day and how oh so precious it is.

I do not know what my future holds, but I will hold today so close and tenderly to me knowing how invaluable it is.

Thank you God and the universe for helping me know that I am not yet done living and loving this life of mine.

With gratitude always,


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