It’s official!

It is official, I am a blogger!  I am not sure how one would specifically define a blogger.  However, since I did not hide and take down The Blue Bird Writes after my first blog post, I have determined that I am a blogger! Onto post number two…..

Creating sacred time for ourselves.

This past week  was tremendously busy, way too busy.   I find that when I am that busy, I forget to focus on myself.  While this may sound selfish, to the contrary, it is practicing self care.   When I practice self care,  my authentic self is present and I can fully enjoy myself and those I am sharing my time with.

I am grateful that I am able to recognize this and acknowledge that I need to put the pause button on life’s demands for a few brief moments.  I know that maintaining a practice of self care takes discipline.  It is okay that I review the chapter of self care again and again.

So this evening I will practice self care and come back to center.

With gratitude,    Lisa

Butterfly at the zoo.

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