I have been pondering this blog post for some time now.  That’s why I have not posted in a few weeks.  I was thinking that my feelings of late have been blah.  The kind of feeling my kids get when they come and tell me they are bored and I offer a series of options to end their boredom and nothing seems to resonate with them and they say “No” with each suggestion I make.  That’s how I feel “blah”.  I could do this or that, but  “No” seems to come to mind.  It has bothered me that I have felt “blah” and wondered how do I get out of this mood.  For a period of time, me and my blahness just waited for something to happen.  As if Joy would come ring my door bell and say “Hi, we have an appointment at 10:30 for you to experience Joy in your life.”  This appointment will end precisely at 11:00, so utilize your time wisely.  Well, Joy did not come for their scheduled appointment.  Then I thought something must be wrong with me to not experience instantaneous Joy. Let’s face it, there is so much negative energy in this world and if you are not an impacted participant you should be Joyful.  Nope, it doesn’t matter, I was still being my blah self.   So, I made it a point to find out why I have not been feeling Joyful and how can I start.

        First, was the declaration; We need some Joy!!!!!! We need some Joy!!!!!!!!  Code blue, Joy is to report immediately.  Unfortunately, it was not that easy.  I realized with this exercise and thirst for Joy that I was just in a blah stage and you know what, that is okay. The alternative could be crisis mode which I definitely do no want (have experienced one too many of those).  So blah is okay, but the fact that I am intentionally seeking Joy and asking it’s whereabouts is a good thing.  I may actually be nearing the end of my blahness phase.  So, today, I am intentionally seeking Joy.   Joy, can present itself in many ways and the type of Joy is all relative.   For me, it is that moment when I am fully mindful and I feel the excitement in my heart , that fluttering leap of,  dare I say,  Joy.  Aha!  Joy is within me, it has not left me.  It just patiently waited until I acknowledged it.  It was here all along waiting for me to say “hello Joy.”  And Joy would say ” I missed you, so happy you stopped and said hi.”

        As I begin to transition from my blah self to Joy Seeker, I need to unlock that door inside that allows Joy to come forth and be acknowledged.  I have realized that I need to intentionally and mindfully allow my heart to flutter with that leap of Joy.  Then Joy will be here.

With gratitude,


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